Friday, December 17, 2010


In these last couple of weeks, I have really worked on my time management. I have a hectic schedule, and projects for this class, as well as other classes. For these past projects, I had specific times for when I wanted to do and finish specific things. It was quite helpful, and lowered my stress level. I got my things done, and it felt great, having that load off of my shoulder. I have also realized that I have somewhat unrealistic, high expectations for myself. I have been trying to work on lowering those expectations. Despite popular belief, I have also realized that I am sensitive. I use my sense of humor, and my ability to be outgoing as a defence. I keep people away from me, so that they can’t get to my sensitivity and hurt my feelings.

The project that I am most proud for is my Thematic Causes of the Civil War Digitally Narrated Product. There were some technical difficulties earlier on in the project, and I had some trouble. I got an extension, and worked on it persistently. I wanted to get this done. I kept working, and finally got it done. It felt really good to have that done. It turned out well, and I am proud of how it turned out, despite the technical difficulties, and stress that came with it.

The most challenging project that I have had to do would probably be the Thematic Causes of the Civil War Digitally Narrated Product. As mentioned before, there were some technical difficulties early on. I started stressing out. The project was supposed to be 5 minutes, and I really had to work to get a lot of good information, as well as interesting, impressive movements and actions. It felt good to finish, but it probably had the most stress going along with that.

My favorite project was definitely the Lincoln and Douglas debate. That was really fun. I am interested in law, especially debates and court cases, so when Ms. Bailin announced the project, I was elated. A funny story went along with it. Originally, I was an evaluator. An evaluator is basically a student judge, who looks and the information, as well as the presentation, and grades it. So, I started out as that. Then, Ms. Bailin let the students choose their sides. It became unequal, with 7 on Douglas’s side, and 10 on Lincoln’s. Ms. Bailin asked the evaluators if anybody wanted to switch, and I knew that the evaluators didn’t get to debate. I really wanted to debate, so my hand shot up, and I switched to Douglas. I switched to Douglas not because it was unequal, but because in the public’s eyes (present day), his beliefs weren’t accepted. It would be challenging to get the public (our class) on our side, and I wanted to challenge myself. Then, my friend switched from Lincoln to Douglas. It was now equal. The next event was angering, but also very funny. I guess Ms. Bailin did it because she saw how enthusiastic I was about being on Douglas’s side. She let us go to work, and then said, “Oh, wait, one more thing!” And she switched the groups! So the people on Douglas’s side were now on Lincoln, and vice versa. After our groups were made, and we were paired up, all of the evaluators took a poll as to which out of the two groups would win. We were voted against. After the debate, we looked to the crowd. The crowd voted for us, saying that we won. I was ecstatic.

For second semester, I hope to keep working on my time management and work ethic, and keep them strong. I also hope to work on not being so dependent on other people. I like to get peoples’ approval, so that I know that I am right (I guess that goes with my high expectations). I hope to increase my level of independence.


  1. Your comment was very heartfelt and impressive. I agree that the lincoln douglas debate was very fun. The thematic causes of the civil war was very challenging, but it was also very satisfying to look back and see the finished product of all your labor.

  2. Your comment was very thought out, and well written. I agree that the Thematic Causes project was hard. However I don't think Ms. Bailin changed the groups because of you. Overall I think it was very descriptive.

  3. I feel like you were very honest in your post and that you weren't lying to yourself or our class. I feel that you could have given us more information as to what happened when you actually presented and if it had ended if your opinion of the debate being the best project would have change. There were some things I didn't know about you that I learned from this post. I was not aware that you used your humor to keep others distant and I would like to know why and how you learned this about yourself. I was also a little confused on that last part were you were talking about being fore independent because I already feel like you tend to work well with yourself and that you don't rely on anybody to get your work done. It is true that you constantly batter people around you with questions but I don't feel that they're are totally necessary and I think you could get by on your own just fine.

  4. Your blog was very heartfelt and sparked to my surprise...similarities. I didn't know realize that I wasn't alone in feeling at times the way I do. For example, I'm working on my time management too!It's difficult breaking away from hold habits and the more work I get the more I feel like procrastinating....That makes it 100 times worse for myself because like you and probably others in the DLC I have very high expectations for myself. I am sensitive too but I try not to show it...I want to fit in! Sometimes I seem hard, cold, but I don't mean to be! I just don't want to make a fool of myself! Unlike you I bring people closer as a defense. If I create a good relationship with people they will be open, friendly, and won't hurt my feelings. Unfortunately this plan can backfire as the closer you are to someone the more it hurts when it doesn't work out. I want to be friends with everyone in the DLC but.....not everyone wants to be friends with me...:( I admire your outgoing personality and ability to make people laugh from across the room. If only I were skilled with such talents! I think The Thematic Causes of The Civil War was very challenging due to it's impossible length! I thought I'd never make it but ...I did!I wasn't so thrilled about the Lincoln Douglas Debate but I'm elated to hear you were! You'd make a wonderful law student! I never knew you were interested in law but since 5th grade I knew you'd be good at it. You're not afraid to share your opinion or listen to others. You're sensitive to others feelings and can make anyone laugh! I hope that I will continue to improve as you do in the second semester! I'm afraid because second semester is as Miss Bailin quotes "a whole new game"! In games (gulp) there is always a loser! I don't want to lose or make enemy out of anyone in the DLC! I want to be on everyones team! Good luck to you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog post and opening my eyes to myself and others.

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  8. Thanks for commenting! Comments take me to a whole new depth! In response to "what about the DLC has made you grow so much more than you have in year's past"? Everything makes me grow in the DLC! I'm always taking a step forward. You start of crawling then you learn to walk and finally you learn how to run. But, if you want to know specifically the fact that everyone in the DLC is equal to my level is what challenges me the most! As I learn so do my peers. I'm forced to adapt. I'm always in a constant state of growth it seems....

  9. @Grayson

    I really did try to put myself into that blog post, and I tried to be as honest as possible. I am glad that you recognized that and that I did succeed in putting myself into it.
    I agree that it was kind of anticlimactic when talking about the debate. I should have talked more about the presentation itself. And no, I don’t think that the debate would’ve been as fun as it was if I didn’t do as well. I think that one of the reasons that I did like it was because I worked really hard to prepare it, and when it turned out really well, the relief, and the pride that came with it was a determining factor.
    When talking about my defensive nature to keep myself away, yes, I am very sensitive, and even when people joke around, sometimes it really effects me. To avoid that, I keep people away by being outgoing and humorous. It has always been there, and I have always been like that, even though other people, and I haven’t always noticed it. I knew that I was sensitive, because things in the past have really effected me. It was Ms. Bailin who really helped me realized that that was true. I guess the reason why I do it is so that nobody can get past that outgoing, humorous layer to get to my sensitivity and really hurt or offend me.
    I do like to work alone, and I might prefer it more over group work. The only time I prefer group work is when everybody pulls their weight, and that doesn’t always happen, whether it be because of technical difficulties, procrastination, or other reasons. The reason why I ask questions is because I am not a perfectionist, but a person with overly high expectations, and for me, I have to reach those expectations. And even if my work is good, I like to get approval from people, whether it be Ms. Bailin, Ms. Binder, Blair, or anybody. Because when I get approval, I know that I have reached those expectations, and the feeling of relief and pride is overwhelming.

  10. @Katelyn
    As I said when responding to Grayson, I did try to put myself into the blog entry, and I am glad that you did see that in my post. I am also glad that I was able to put myself in the bog. I feel the same exact way! The more work I have, the more I don’t want to do it. And yes! I actually have overly high expectations, so if I do procrastinate, I can’t achieve those expectations. It is a terrible feeling when you disappoint everybody with a bad project, so I feel helpless. I’m “Stuck between a rock and a hard place”.
    I know that you are sensitive, but I think that you need more confidence! You are really smart, and I think if you show that, then people will be more friendly toward you. I know that you don’t mean to be mean. I feel kind of similar. I think I might need more trust in people. You bring people closer as a defense. I don’t want to, because even though I know nobody in the DLC will, I just don’t want to be hurt. I think you are lying to yourself when you say that people don’t want to be friends with you. You should just try and open up to everybody. Everybody in Morning respects your intelligence, and skill with technology. You should try and associate with Afternoon, because then everybody else will see your intelligence and skill. The only reason that I am outgoing is as a defense. Sometimes I wish that I could just be naturally. You are right about the Thematic Causes length. It was complicated, and hard to get to 5 minutes. It seemed like it took forever. Thank you for telling me I would be a good Law student. I am split between being attorney and a surgeon. As of right now I am leaning more toward an attorney. Thank you for so many complements! I am also scared for second quarter, but I think that you and I can both make it if we try hard!