Friday, December 17, 2010


In these last couple of weeks, I have really worked on my time management. I have a hectic schedule, and projects for this class, as well as other classes. For these past projects, I had specific times for when I wanted to do and finish specific things. It was quite helpful, and lowered my stress level. I got my things done, and it felt great, having that load off of my shoulder. I have also realized that I have somewhat unrealistic, high expectations for myself. I have been trying to work on lowering those expectations. Despite popular belief, I have also realized that I am sensitive. I use my sense of humor, and my ability to be outgoing as a defence. I keep people away from me, so that they can’t get to my sensitivity and hurt my feelings.

The project that I am most proud for is my Thematic Causes of the Civil War Digitally Narrated Product. There were some technical difficulties earlier on in the project, and I had some trouble. I got an extension, and worked on it persistently. I wanted to get this done. I kept working, and finally got it done. It felt really good to have that done. It turned out well, and I am proud of how it turned out, despite the technical difficulties, and stress that came with it.

The most challenging project that I have had to do would probably be the Thematic Causes of the Civil War Digitally Narrated Product. As mentioned before, there were some technical difficulties early on. I started stressing out. The project was supposed to be 5 minutes, and I really had to work to get a lot of good information, as well as interesting, impressive movements and actions. It felt good to finish, but it probably had the most stress going along with that.

My favorite project was definitely the Lincoln and Douglas debate. That was really fun. I am interested in law, especially debates and court cases, so when Ms. Bailin announced the project, I was elated. A funny story went along with it. Originally, I was an evaluator. An evaluator is basically a student judge, who looks and the information, as well as the presentation, and grades it. So, I started out as that. Then, Ms. Bailin let the students choose their sides. It became unequal, with 7 on Douglas’s side, and 10 on Lincoln’s. Ms. Bailin asked the evaluators if anybody wanted to switch, and I knew that the evaluators didn’t get to debate. I really wanted to debate, so my hand shot up, and I switched to Douglas. I switched to Douglas not because it was unequal, but because in the public’s eyes (present day), his beliefs weren’t accepted. It would be challenging to get the public (our class) on our side, and I wanted to challenge myself. Then, my friend switched from Lincoln to Douglas. It was now equal. The next event was angering, but also very funny. I guess Ms. Bailin did it because she saw how enthusiastic I was about being on Douglas’s side. She let us go to work, and then said, “Oh, wait, one more thing!” And she switched the groups! So the people on Douglas’s side were now on Lincoln, and vice versa. After our groups were made, and we were paired up, all of the evaluators took a poll as to which out of the two groups would win. We were voted against. After the debate, we looked to the crowd. The crowd voted for us, saying that we won. I was ecstatic.

For second semester, I hope to keep working on my time management and work ethic, and keep them strong. I also hope to work on not being so dependent on other people. I like to get peoples’ approval, so that I know that I am right (I guess that goes with my high expectations). I hope to increase my level of independence.